“Clothes from klashna” and “Handwork”

28. 11. 2014

These two exhibitions of ethnological objects that are stored in NI Institute for Protection of Monuments and Museum-Ohrid, on the opening were the cause of much joy, but also nostalgic views, especially among those visitors who still cherish manual labor.

Black and red woolen cord, golden and thread that are hallmarks of the “klasheniks” in one hand, and the use of “file”, “sachan” in knitting with white thread, on the other hand, gave a soul and joy to the space in which they were displayed.

Having in mind the fact that the exhibits are not unknown handwork for the women of Ohrid, more surprising for the visitors was the very idea of ​​this type of exhibition to refresh cultural events in the city.

Although it is said that manual labor is dying, however Ohrid residents remain more or less faithful to the tradition. They appreciate such items, and those citizens who can not keep them at home dowry items from their grandmothers and mothers, have given them to the ethnological department, where they are kept in special conditions.

The oldest exhibit on the exhibitions is “klashenik”, dating from the late 19th century, while the other exhibits are from the beginning of the 20th century. As for the origin of the objects, furniture and handmade items, they are mainly from Ohrid, while the “klasheniks” are mainly from Ohrid-Struga region, but thera are also samples from Debar, Kichevo, Resen, Galichnik.

Exhibitions “Clothes from klashna” and “Handwork” in the House of Robev Family