Галерија на икони Охрид

Icon Gallery

“Klimentov Univerzitet Street” bb, 6000 Ohrid.


Winter period: from 01 November to 30 April from 09:00 to 14:00, non-working day Monday.
Summer period: from 01 May to 31 October from 09:00 to 17:00, non-working day Monday

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The object of the Icon Gallery-Ohrid is located in the ambiental unity of the church complex “St. Clement” (Holy Virgin Peribleptos), opposite the main entrance of the church.

The complex has for centuries had a distinctively religious and educational nature. In the courtyard of the church in 1841 a school was built for senior classes, and in 1845-1850 another school was built in front of the church door of the metropolitanate, on the site of the demolished rows of monastic cells. This second school is actually the building which today houses our gallery of icons. For decades, during the Turkish time (until 1912) and on in times of various socio-political dominance in the region, this house and the whole complex “St. Clement” was used for various purposes, mainly for citizens of Ohrid and, in particular, the Ohrid dignitaries in achieving their ideals.

It is known that during the Second World War this building housed the city library. After the war, the building, which among citizens of Ohrid is known as the “amusement room”, served as a gym hall for the disciples from the primary school “St. Clement of Ohrid” and was used for various other meetings and events. From 1949 to 1954, the professional Ohrid Theater here prepared and played their plays.

After the construction of the new primary school “St. Clement of Ohrid” at the spot called Deboj, the object “amusement room” was handed over to the Institute and Museum-Ohrid.

Between 1981 and 1983, the building that is located in the courtyard of the church, opposite its entrance, was reconstructed and revitalized in a modern gallery of icons, which now presents the most valuable examples of the Ohrid icon collection that have been exhibited for the first time in the outer porch of the church of the Holy Virgin Peribleptos in 1961, on the occasion of 12th Byzantologists’s congress, held in Ohrid.

In 2000, on occasion of the great jubilee of Christianity, the Icon Gallery-Ohrid was readapted, with a new conception of the collection and modernized and upgraded security and microclimate conditions.