Меморијална куќа на Христо Узунов

Memorial House of Hristo Uzunov

“Tsar Samoil Street” No. 45, 6000 Ohrid.
from Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 15:30

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The house was built in the middle of the 19th century. It was probably built by Hristo Uzunov or Dimitar Uzunov known reformists from Ohrid. Hristo Uzunov(22. 10. 1878), the most remarkable person in Ohrid revolutionary area and elsewhere in Macedonia was born and lived in this house. In pre-Ilinden and post-Ilinden period the house was revolutionary central meeting place. After the death of the brothers Ivan Uzunov (1903) and Hristo Uzunov (1905), Anastasia Uzunova (their mother) in 1906 moved with her only living son Angel Uzunov in Kyustendil, Bulgaria.

After this period there are no data about the house other than that in 1938 (?) it was sold to the family Simonche.

The house has a basement with a characteristic passage-in Ohrid known as “darkness”, ground and first floor, in sequence with objects from old urban architecture with the “darkness” at the Kosta Abras Street.

By decision of the National Board of the Municipality of Ohrid in 1953 the house was nationalized. On 2 August (Ilinden) in 1953 as a sign of respect to the personality and the deed of Hristo Uzunov, a marble plaque was put on the house.

By the Decision of the National Board of the Municipality of Ohrid on 10. 09. 1960, the house was passed to the permanent possession of the National Museum-Ohrid.

In 1968 the status of cultural monument was confirmed for the home of Hristo Uzunov and its yard, as a property of the Municipality of Ohrid, and in possession of the National Museum in Ohrid.

Since the period of the nationalization to 1970 families of Menda Piruzeva, Ivan Dojchin, Pero Dzuteski and Naum Ribaroski lived in the house.

Due to the poor condition of the house in 1975 a decision for facsimile reconstruction was made and it was realized in the 1977/1978. The facade is constructed in typical traditional style, with loggias and richly profiled garlands. The loggias and the foreheads of the garlands are bordered with are bordered with planks, the windows are typical with vertical displacement and wooden borders.

In 1982 a permanent exhibition entitled “National Liberation Movement in the Region of Ohrid” was set up in the house and also a memorial room of the commander Hristo Uzunov, which existed until 1989.

In 1996 the house was again declared a cultural monument due to the values it has as an object of the Ohrid old urban architecture. Then it was open again for visitors with a new concept of the permanent exhibition “National Liberation Movement in the Region of Ohrid”, documents and objects related to the Ilinden period and generally with the national liberation movement in this area, and also with reconstructed memorial room dedicated to the revolutionary. Besides the permanent historical exhibition in this Memorial House, temporary exhibitions on history, art history, conservation and numerous conferences and symposia are repeatedly organized.