Annual collection of articles: Lihnid 6 (in Macedonian)

Annual collection of articles: Lihnid 7 (in Macedonian)

Nikola Celakoski et alli: Hristo Uzunov and his time (in Macedonian)

Milco Georgievski: Icon Gallery-Ohrid (in English)


Lenche Mojsoska: Mother of God Bolnichka (in Macedonian)

Boris Chipan: Dolni Saraj-episode from the history of the city with Dzeladin-bey

Jordanka Matova: Jone Simonche (in Macedonian)

Danica Bachevska: Numismatic findings from the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia from the 5th century b.c. to 14th century a.d., (in Macedonian)

Pasko Kuzman: The museums in Ohrid (in Macedonian)

Nikola Celakoski: Hristo Uzunov, notes about the organization in Ohrid and Struga regions (in Macedonian)

Nikola Celakoski: The sailor Marko Boshnakov (in Macedonian)

Jordanka Matova: Stefan Nestoroski (in Macedonian)

Cvetan Grozdanov et alli: Plaoshnik-the restored church of Ss. Clement and Panteleimon (in Macedonian)

Goce Angelichin-Zhura: The Heads of the Ohrid Church (in Macedonian)

Dragi Gjeorgiev: Ohrid and Ohrid region through Ottoman documents in 19th-20th centuriestime (in Macedonian)

Jordanka Matova: Andon Duko (in Macedonian)

Jordanka Matova: The painting in Ohrid in 20th century (in Macedonian)

Goce Angelichin-Zhura: G., Documents for Ohrid parishes and neighborhoods (in Macedonian)

Pasko Kuzman-Nada Pochucha-Kuzman: The gold of Lychnitida (in Macedonian)

Lenche Mojsoska: Frescoes of Ohrid-map (in Macedonian)


Lenche Mojsoska: St. Nicholas the Miracleworker (in Macedonian)

Lenche Mojsoska: St. Nicholas the Miracleworker (in Macedonian)

Vlado Malenko, Archaeologist from ancient Ohrid

Slavica Bambova, Kalina Kuzman–Dodevska, Epigraphic monuments from Plaoshnik-Ohrid