Меморијална куќа на Григор Прличев

Memorial House of Grigor Prlichev

“Grigor Prlichev Street” No. 66, 6000 Ohrid.

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The old birth house of Grigor Prlichev was probably built in the first decades of 19th century, at the southeastern foot of the higher Ohrid hill, not far from Dolni Saraj and from the church of St. Sophia. It had a courtyard on the south side, with a nice view to the lake.

In the thirties of the 20th century the house was already ruined, and ten years later completely disappeared from the area. Proof of this is the fact that one of its direct successors, Kiril Prlichev, the son of Grigor Prlichev, at the time when he worked in the Department of Antiquities in Ohrid (1943), didn’t live in his own house, but in the house of the family Rakichevich in the lowlands par of the city.

The only partial view of the home of Grigor Prlichev, the upper floor, is the sketch by the artist Niko Tozi from 1943, which is now kept at the Bulgarian State Archives in Sofia, and was also identified on a postcard from 1915.

Ohrid residents celebrate the laurel wreath winner Prlichev since 1952 on the initiative of the Council for education, science and culture within the City people’s committee. On one of such celebrations in 1997 the initiative for the restoration of the birth house of the poet was launched, at the authentic location where the long vanished house of Prlichev was located.

In 1998 the cornerstone was placed, and two years later, in 2000, the gates of the restored native house of Prlichev were opened. Benefactors and donors of this project were Macedonian businessman from Skopje, Mincho Jordanov and his wife Jelica, and author of the project for the restoration was the architect from Ohrid, Mitko Ohrid Paskali.

The Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and National Museum-Ohrid actively participated in the final activities for the restoration of Prlichev’s house, with conceptually conceived and realized the permanent exhibition in the restored memorial house of the great poet and reformer, so the house became a memorial museum and space setting that provides constant presence of Prlichev’s spirit and open space for appropriate cultural events. At the same time the Institute and Museum-Ohrid carried out conservation and restoration of the tomb of Prlichev on which the name of Kiril Prlichev one of poet’s sons, who was buried in the tomb of his father in 1944 was placed and properly marked. So on February 6, 2000, on occasion of the great Prlichev national gathering, the restored memorial house, the memorial museum of Grigor Prlichev was opened when the donors Jordanov officially handed over the building “in property and after-care to the Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum-Ohrid “.