Музејско-културен центар "Лапидариум"

Museum and Cultural Center "Lapidarium"

” Tsar Samoil Street ” No. 62, 6000 Ohrid.

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On the occasion of Anniversaries “485 years of the existence of a general museum of the Archbishopric of Ohrid” (1516) and “50 years of the National Museum in Ohrid” (1 May 1951) and on the occasion of World Museum Day, May 18, the museum cultural center “Lapidarium” was built and promoted in Ohrid, the first of its kind in the country.

This facility is located and incorporated into the existing height differences in the area of the western yard of House of Robev Family, in the yard of the building in which the museum in Ohrid was formed (renewed).

Taking into account the new strategy for development of cultural activities in modern conditions, i.e. in conditions dictated, created and imposed by the new time, NI Institute and Museum-Ohrid, besides other major ventures in the Millennium year 2000, started and in 2001 realized the project for the establishment and construction of the museum cultural center.

The aim was, of course, to get involved in the strategic context of cultural tourism, to animate not only the previously “dead” museum space, but also try to attract citizens of the city, visitors of the city from other places and cities in Macedonia, to enrich the tourist offer of our town before domestic and foreign tourist public and thus to present Ohrid and Macedonia to the world.

The exterior and interior, the purpose and function of the Museum and Cultural center “Lapidarium” is designed partlyas a true lapidarium where epigraphic monuments and other original artifacts are presented. The architectural appearance is fully incorporated into the surrounding museum space, with built and installed original stone and marble elements belonging to the ancient and early Christian period.

The interier is equipped with modern elements to serve as a center for presentation and sale of promotional and professional published museum material and presentation of important and attractive souvenir items made as copies of the original archaeological, ethnographic, numismatic and other art objects.

Museum and Cultural Center also allows organizing other cultural events (exhibitions in the open-air, chamber, musical or theatrical performances, monodrama, recitals, etc.).