Art of the Macedonian woodcarving-tradition and continuity

23. 05. 2015 – 07. 06. 2015

Within the 47th manifestation “Macedonia Honoring St. Cyril”, in the complex Vittoriano, at the popular Piazza Venezia in Rome, thirty-five Macedonian carvings were presented. Among them were the oldest preserved examples of woodcarving in our country (the pillars of the iconostasis of the church of the Holy Physicians the Lesser in Ohrid from 14th century) and a larger number of exhibits from 20th century, made by the hands of masters of the famous Ohrid carving school.

The exhibition was organized by NI Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum-Ohrid which owns part of the presented exhibits, including the oldest ones, while the other are works of 11 authors, modern Ohrid woodcarvers from four different generations who still today cherish the tradition of this extremely subtle artistic craft.

The exhibition was accompanied by a brilliant concert of Duke Bojadziev and friends.

“Art of the Macedonian woodcarving-tradition and continuity” at the Vittoriano museum complex in Rome, Italy