Golden faces of the Macedonian kings-Macedonians and Celts from Ohrid region

Golden faces of the Macedonian kings-Macedonians and Celts from Ohrid region

24. 07. 2014 – 16. 11. 2014

Part of the valuable archaeological items found in the region of Ohrid on 24 July will be on display at this State Museum of Germany within the exhibition which will be opened by the end of this or at the beginning of  next month.

The exhibition consisting of 62 valuable artifacts originating from 5th to 3rd centuries b.c. that were found on the territory of our country during archaeological research, confirms the power of the Macedonian aristocracy, as well as contacts between prehistoric Central Celtic world and Mediterranean culture of imperial Macedonia between 6th and 2nd century b.c.

This is really an exceptional opportunity for visitors to learn about one of the most glorious periods of the Macedonian history.

The golden mask and glove, gold jewelry, coins, medallions 25 centuries old, the renown alabaster figure of Isis, vessels of pottery, bracelets, weapons, Celtic helmets and other items vividly tell the story of Macedonia, which is an integral part of the mosaic of the European civilization and culture. The artifacts are evidence of our cultural and historical identity; they represent the material truth about the development of civilization on Macedonian soil.

In Manching we will present three blocks of objects originating mainly from the city of Lychnidos on Ohrid Lake. There is the golden treasure from Trevnik, near Negotino and objects of Celts who gave their lives in defense of the citizens of Lychnidos.

The exhibition is organized by the Archaeological Museum of Macedoniain cooperation with institutions from Ohrid and Negotino, the Coastal University from Slovenia, Loshinj Museum from Croatia and Kelten-Römer-Museum. The project is funded by the European Union.

Exhibition “Golden faces of the Macedonian kings-Macedonians and Celts from Ohrid region” in Kelten-Römer-Museum in Manching, Germany