Sounds of the chisel

09. 09. 2013

In the exhibition hall of the House of Robev Family in Ohrid, rare specimens of modern Ohrid woodcarvings are exposed in front of the Macedonian and foreign public. The exhibition titled “Sounds of the chisel,” which presented works by 12 artists of differing generations made in various techniques, was organized after lengthy, decade break.

The carving is a craft with a long tradition in Ohrid. Here a carving school existed for decades, and after its closure the youth trained in the studio of EMO Company in Ohrid. In one period, there was a carving studio in the Institute and Museum-Ohrid. Now there are a few individuals that create carvings, two of them having studios right on the street which is considered the most interesting bu its old city architecture and most sacred that leads to the cathedral church of St. Sophia and many other sacral monuments in Ohrid.

The woodcarvings made of Ohrid masters are extremely valuable works of art, which are highly appreciated not only in Macedonia but also beyond. Their works adorn many spiritual temples and institutions.

Exhibition “Sounds of the chisel” contemporary Ohrid woodcarving in the House of Robev Family