Light of the past

24. 07. 2015 – 05. 08. 2015

Within the “Ohrid Summer Festival”, the 60th solo exhibition of the famous Macedonian painter Stefan Hadzi-Nikolov, who has left a special stamp on the art of the Republic of Macedonia in the last three decades, was opened

With his special talent and his wonderful approach to art, as well as  through his exhibitions he has imposed to the Macedonian audience, and to the audience in the neighboring countries.

The artist Hadzi-Nikolov noted that Ohrid means a lot to him as an artist and proof for this is that his 60th solo exhibition is organized right there.

Ohrid, after Skopje is a city where he had most exhibitions. His first exhibition in Ohrid was in 1988. In 2000 he exhibited in the House of Urania, in 2009 and 2015 in the House of Robev Family. The current exhibition presents works made in recent years, which were never exhibited in Ohrid, most of them nor in any gallery. This exhibition of around thirty paintings in oil on canvas is actually a section of its multi-decade career.

“Light of the past” in the house of Robevci