Visit of the judges for the “Zhiva” award

04. 04. 2017 – 05. 04. 2017

Forum of Slavic Cultures (FSK) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 in Ljubljana. The initiative team of experts of the member countries of the Forum (Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Serbia) in 2012 established the award “Zhiva” and the competition is in six categories.

With their participation, the member states of FSK promote outstanding achievements in the field of cultural values ​​emphasizing at this the significant cultural heritage of Slavic countries. The “Zhiva” award itself is called according to the Slavic goddess of fertility, whose main attribute is grain, so the appearance of this special award is inspired from the classes of wheat.

This year the awards will be held at Bled in Slovenia, from 20 to 24 September and our institution is the only nominee of our country among more than 20 museums from 13 countries.

These days (4-5 April) judges Biljana Brajovic from Montenegro and Katja Dzhumalieva from Bulgaria came to Ohrid to inspect and assess the capacity values, meaning, richness and diversity of our museum collections and in general the overall activity of NI Institute and museum-Ohrid in the field of preservation, documentation, protection and conservation and, of course, the presentation of the huge fund of cultural heritage entrusted to us for preservation for future generations. The photos are from today’s visit to the Museum on Water in the Gulf of Bones, only one of its kind in the Balkans and in the wider region in general. According to the reactions and unabashed admiration of the judges, we are really a serious candidate for one of the prizes, keep your fingers crossed for us!

Visit of the judges for the “Zhiva” award