Unimagined beauty-icons from Macedonia

09. 02. 2011 – 11. 05. 2011

This was the largest exhibition ever presented by the Republic of Macedonia in a foreign museum. The objective was to perform a broader presentation of the culture of our country in a friendly country such as the Netherlands and a way to restore the traditionally good relations, especially in the sphere of culture and tourism. The initiative for this exhibition was launched in 2005 during the visit of a large delegation from the Netherlands to Ohrid and after five years of preparatory activities came to its implementation in 2011. Their exhibits for the exhibition lent more institutions of our country: NI Museum of Macedonia-Skopje, NI Institute and Museum-Ohrid, the Museum of the City of Skopje, NI Institute and Museum-Bitola and NI Stobi. A total of 159 items, including 52 icons, archaeological, ethnological, and other liturgical objects were displayed, of which 29 from the collection of our institution.

Exhibition “Unimagined beauty-icons from Macedonia” Katarajnekonvent Museum in Utrecht, Netherlands