Byzantium 330-1453

25. 10. 2008 – 22. 03. 2009

This exhibition was once again staked the splendor of the Byzantine Empire. There were around 323 objects displayed, including icons, original scenes and fragments of wall paintings, micro-mosaics, ivories, enamel, gold and silver. Some of the works had never before been shown to the public. The exhibition presented outstanding works from the treasury of the church of Saint Marc in Venice and rare items from collections across Europe, USA, Russia, Ukraine and Egypt. The exhibition begins with the foundation of Constantinople in 330 AD by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great and ends with the capture of the city by the Ottoman forces of Sultan Mehmed II in 1453. This was the first major exhibition of Byzantine art in the United Kingdom in the last 50 years.

A total of 136 museums, cultural, scientific, religious and other institutions and private collections from 27 countries around the world were presented with their exhibits at the exhibition, and the Republic of Macedonia was represented by NI Institute and Museum-Ohrid, with eight icons from its collection.

Exhibition “Byzantium 330-1453” at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, United Kingdom