Exhibition “Face to face”

17. 06. 2016 – 30. 06. 2016

In the Gallery Robevci in Ohrid, the first solo exhibition of works in mixed media in a large format by the author Tanja Dzipunov was opened.

It comes to mixed media where acrylic on canvas as a base is enriched and combined with natural materials such as hemp, wood, paper etc. It’s a kind of picture-sculpture, something like an installation of canvas, says the author.

Rich in color, the exhibits captivate with their freshness and easily communicate with the audience.

The exhibition is symbolically entitled “Face to face” at a time when art is placed in the background, when we want to avoid dealing with substantial issues of beauty, emotions, judgments and sharing our own ideals.

The exhibition “Face to face” will be set from 17 to 30 June in the House of Robev Family in Ohrid as a part of the annual program of NI Institute and Museum in Ohrid that continues in the future as well.

Exhibition “Face to face” Tanja Dzipunov in the House of Robev Family