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Wishing to present the wider cultural public ocational and scientific knowledge that arise from the activities of this institution, back in 1957 initiated the collection of papers "Lihnid" as an annual review of the National Museum in Ohrid.

With larger or smaller interruptions as a result of various circumstances, number 7 of this annual review, released in 1989, is the last for now, but intentions for its renewal shall continue.

Besides the collection of papers "Lihnid", published by NI Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum-Ohrid, numerous monographs that have given and still give a large contribution to the illumination of our rich cultural and historical past have been published so far, as well as many catalogs for exhibitions in many areas.

Anthologies and periodicals:

  • Lihnid 1, Ohrid 1957;
  • Lihnid 2-3, Ohrid 1959;
  • Proceedings, Ohrid 1961;
  • Slavic literacy (Lihnid 4) Ohrid 1966;
  • Lihnid 5, Ohrid 1983
  • Lychnidos 6, Ohrid 1988;
  • Lihnid 7, Ohrid 1989;
  • Celakoski N. et alli, Hristo Uzunov and his time, Ohrid 2006;


  • Lahtov V., Problem of the Trebenishta culture: doctoral dissertation, Ohrid 1965 (in Macedonian);
  • Bitrakova-Grozdanova V., Early Christian monuments in Ohrid: Master thesis, Ohrid 1975 (in Macedonian);
  • Nikolovski A., Monastery St. Naum, Ohrid 1976(in Macedonian);
  • Grozdanov C., St. Clement-Ohrid, Ohrid 1979 (in Macedonian);
  • Grozdanov C., St. Sophia-Ohrid, Ohrid 1979 (in Macedonian);
  • Grozdanov C., Ohrid wall painting from the 14th century: doctoral dissertation, Ohrid 1980 (in Macedonian);
  • Subotic G., Ohrid painting school from the 15th century, Ohrid 1980 (in Macedonian);
  • Boshale N., St. Clement of Ohrid and the school of humanism, Ohrid 1983 (in Macedonian);
  • Andonov Poljanski H., Hristo Uzunov-the drama in Cer, Ohrid 1985 (in Macedonian);
  • Stefanija D., Viktorija Pop Stefanija-folk creations from Ohrid and Struga 1-2, Ohrid-Struga 1987 (in Macedonian);
  • Risteski S., Two Macedonian destinies-Argir and Toma Marinche, Ohrid 1988 (in Macedonian);
  • Malenko D., Ohrid folk song and tale, Ohrid 1989 (in Macedonian);
  • Mitreski P. Historical contributions about the Ohrid-Struga region from the middle of the 19th century to 1944, Ohrid 1989 (in Macedonian);
  • Risteski S., Grigor Prlichev-new pages, Ohrid 1989 (in Macedonian);
  • Nanevski D., A poem of Ohrid, Ohrid 1990 (in English);
  • Trajanovski A., The words of Kuzman Shapkarev, Ohrid, 1993 (in Macedonian);
  • Bacheva D., Numismatic values in the southwestern part of Macedonia from 5th-14th centuries, Ohrid, 1999 (in Macedonian);
  • Georgievski M., Icon Gallery-Ohrid, Ohrid, 1999 (Macedonian and English editions);
  • Konstantinov M., Georgi Shoptrajanov, Ohrid 1999 (in Macedonian);
  • Miladinovska L., Bibliography of the Macedonian archaeology (1945-1999), Ohrid 1999 (in Macedonian);
  • Shoptrajanov G., Facsimiles from the Ohrid treasury, Ohrid 2000 (in Macedonian);
  • Mojsoska L., Mother of God Bolnichka, Ohrid 2001 (in Macedonian);
  • Chipan B., Dolni Saraj-episode from the history of the city with Dzeladin-Bey, Ohrid 2001 (in Macedonian);
  • Belev Z.-Ristovski B.-Celakoski N., Memoir records about the Ohrid conspiracy, Ohrid 2001 (in Macedonian);
  • Matova J., Jone Simonche, Ohrid 2001 (in Macedonian);
  • Bachevska D., Numismatic findings from the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia from the 5th century BC to 14th century AD, Ohrid 2002 (in Macedonian);
  • Kuzman P., The museums in Ohrid, Ohrid 2002 (in Macedonian);
  • Kuzman P.-Naumoski R. ed., Ohrid Gate Ljubica, Ohrid 2002 (in Macedonian);
  • Jorge Padron H. Talk about Prlichev, Ohrid 2002 (in Macedonian);
  • Celakoski N., Hristo Uzunov, notes about the organization in Ohrid and Struga regions, Ohrid, 2003 (in Macedonian);
  • Celakoski N., The sailor Marko Boshnakov, Ohrid, 2003 (in Macedonian);
  • Boshale N., Prlichev and the great renewal of life, Ohrid, 2003 (in Macedonian);
  • Glavjuk S., Talk about Prlichev, Ohrid, 2003 (in Macedonian);
  • Grozdanov C.-Kuzman P.-Paskali-Buntasheska T., Plaoshnik-the restored church of Ss. Clement and Panteleimon, Ohrid, 2003 (in Macedonian);
  • Angelichin-Zhura G., Christian temples and holy places in Ohrid, Ohrid 2006 (in Macedonian);
  • Matova J., Stefan Nestoroski, Ohrid 2006 (in Macedonian);
  • Bachevska D., The coins of the Paeonian tribes and Paeonian kings from the Republic of Macedonia (6th-3rd c. BC), Ohrid 2006 (in Macedonian);
  • Celakoski N., Ohrid Revolutionary borough 1900-1913, Ohrid 2006 (in Macedonian);
  • Angelichin-Zhura G., The Heads of the Ohrid Church, Ohrid 2008 (in Macedonian);
  • Angelichin-Zhura G., The church Assumption of the Mother of God in the village Velestovo, Ohrid 2008 (in Macedonian);
  • Gjeorgiev D., Ohrid and Ohrid region through Ottoman documents in 19th-20th centuries, Ohrid 2009 (in Macedonian);
  • Angelichin-Zura G., Contributions from the art history in the diocese of Ohrid, Ohrid 2009 (in Macedonian);
  • Matova J., Andon Duko, Ohrid 2011 (in Macedonian);
  • Angelichin-Zhura G., Cave churches in Ohrid-Struga region Ohrid in 2012 (in Macedonian);
  • Angelichin-Zhura G., The chapel over deaconicon in Ohrid Cathedral of St. Sophia, Ohrid 2012 (in Macedonian);
  • Matova J., The painting in Ohrid in 20th century, Ohrid 2013 (in Macedonian);
  • Angelichin-Zhura G., Documents for Ohrid parishes and neighborhoods, Ohrid 2014 (in Macedonian);
  • Kuzman P.-Pochucha-Kuzman N., The gold of Lychnitida, Ohrid 2014 (in Macedonian);
  • Mojsoska L., Frescoes of Ohrid-map, Ohrid in 2015 (in Macedonian);
  • Mojsoska L., St. Nicholas the Miracle worker, Ohrid 2015 (in Macedonian);
  • Bacheva D., The coinage in Ohrid (Lychnidos) 2nd century BC-13th-17th centuries, Ohrid 2016 (in Macedonian);
  • Misheva O.-Mitrovich-Babe N., Ohrid pearl in Talevi and Filevi families, Ohrid 2016 (in Macedonian);
  • Angelichin-Zhura G., The itinerants write about Ohrid, Ohrid 2016 (in Macedonian);
  • Mitrovich-Babe N., Peter Chaule-son of IMRO, Ohrid 2016 (in Macedonian);
  • Bitrak S., Monetary circulation at Plaoshnik, Ohrid 2016 (in Macedonian);
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