Museum shops

Part of the presentation and promotion of cultural heritage of Ohrid and Ohrid-Struga region is the sale of various publications in which the work and research of experts from our institution and beyond are published. They are on sale in several museum shops and souvenir shops that are located in some of the museum facilities of NI Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum-Ohrid and certain locations in the city and one in the village of Vevchani. There are museum shops in the museum and cultural center "Lapidarium" in House of Robev Family, in the Museum on water and the Icon Gallery-Ohrid, while souvenir shops are located at several points in the city of Ohrid (the little square in the old Plane Tree, versus the post office, next to "Hammam" shopping center and on the city quay, near the port) and one in the center of the village Vevchani. Besides publications (various periodicals and monographs, guides), they sell postcards, albums, maps, bookmarkers, and replicas of museum exhibits made of different materials. You can find original icons, made according to the traditional Byzantine icon painting technique, copies of frescoes, pieces of contemporary Ohrid woodcarving made by the successors of this traditional art craft, silver jewelery made in filigree technique, renown genuine Ohrid pearl and many more souvenirs, products of old and artistic crafts made of different materials.

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