Historical collection

The collection of historical objects that possesses NI Institute for Protection of Monuments of Culture and Museum-Ohrid is of mixed type. The items come from different periods and reflect the historical development of Macedonia since the end of the reign of the Ottoman Empire, the period of the Revival, revolutionary happenings until the end of the Second World War, the life in Yugoslavia and the modern development of the Republic of Macedonia as an independent state.

According to the time of their creation, the objects come from 18th, 19th, 2oth and 21st century. The collection includes weapons, military equipment and accessories, sphragistic objects (stamps and prints), heraldic objects phaleristic items (decorations) and other antiqities.

It is a testimony and a source for the study of many social phenomena, cultural and historical events and personalities. It contains items that are testimonies of the period of Turkish rule in the 18th century, such as personal and family seals of prominent Turks, weapons with mechanism for ignition of gunpowder charge of flint (guns and handguns), which is mostly found in the waters of Ohrid Lake and as such is unique in the number and amount of items, the place of finding and, especially a great rarity is the rifle for rampart defense with a total length of 285 cm. From the period of the Revival, the collection contains items related to the famous Robev family, seals of Dr. Konstantin Robev (1818-1900), and a pocket watch and a teacher's pointer of the poet and teacher Grigor Prlichev (1830-1893), school seals, the seal of Ohrid church community and others. From the period of the Ilinden Uprising most important are the objects (relics) associated with the head of the uprising in Ohrid Revolutionary area, commander Hristo Uzunov (1878-1905), part of his beard cut off before his funeral, a purse which he carried with him and the walking stick-sword that he carried with him.

The collection from the period of the Balkan Wars to the National Liberation War contains weapons, seals of the craft guilds of Ohrid, seals of the provisional Serbian military hospital in Debar, Serbian and Turkish decorations and other items.

The period of the National Liberation War in the collection is represented by several types of weapons that were used during the war, pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, mortars, among which the most important is the gun of the commander of General Headquarters of the National Liberation War of Macedonia, Mihajlo Apostolski

The period of the socialist construction of the country and the latest time is represented with different flags, ribbons and flags, plaques, medals and orders that has been received in organized labor actions across Yugoslavia, trophies won in the Yugoslav Sports Youth Games, state flags of Yugoslavia and the Socialist Republic of Macedonia, flag of the association "Hristo Uzunov", seals, etc.

Most of the items belonging to the collection are housed in the depot, fifty-nine are exhibited in the permanent exhibition of the Memorial House of Hristo Uzunov, four are displayed in the exhibition of the Memorial House of Grigor Prlichev and six items are temporarily lent to NI Museum of Macedonian struggle for statehood and independence in Skopje.

Historical objects in this collection have different backgrounds. Some are found during various field studies, there are objects donated by the Military Museum-Skopje, several items are bought and mostly are gifst from the heirs of the persons that owned them or, rarely, personally by the owners themselves.

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