Contemporary art

The collection of works of the contemporary art as an integral part of the Ni Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum-Ohrid, started its history in the early sixties of 20th century, firstly through allocation of the artistic works from the former secretariats and councils for culture, then through gifts from the fund to Mosha Pijade, gifts from the Art Gallery-Skopje as well as works-gifts from the authors themselves or by their families.

The collection of contemporary art is divided into two segments, the Macedonian art and international art and the same contains works from different areas of the fine arts, such as: works in the field of painting, graphics, sculpture, works in the field on photography, object art and woodcarving.

In the part of the Macedonian art the collection contains a historic cross-section of the Macedonian modern art from the very beginnings in the twenties of the last century, as part of the broader Yugoslav art from that time, art in Macedonia after the independence, until today. Among the others there are works of Nikola Martinoski, Lazar Lichenoski, Borko Lazeski, Dimitar Pandilov, Dimitar Andonov Papradishki, Tomo Vladimirski, Vangel Kodzoman, Ljubomir Belogaski, Vasilie Popovic-Cico, Petar Mazev, Dimitar Kondovski, Petar Hadzi-Boshkov, Risto Kalchevski, Vangel Naumoski, Spase Kunoski, Simeon Nichev, Vasko Tashkovski, Borislav Traikovski, Andon Dukov and others.

In the part of the international art there is significantly large number of artworks from the former Yugoslav area. The collection contains works by authors who have been included in the very beginnings of the Yugoslav modern painting, authors and works that belong to the modern trends in the world at the time, especially in Paris, such as the expressionism and impressionism. There are works that belong to the coloristic expressionism, from the members of the poetic realism, intimism, coloristic realism, surrealism, Yugoslav naive, to the informal and new figuration.

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